I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. Our move from Ontario to Nova Scotia feels a little overwhelming and I don’t feel all that motivated about packing up the house. But when the moving truck pulls up, I’ll be out of time. If I’m honest there’s a pattern here. I want to paint and write, to reach more people but just getting started feels daunting. So my dreams and goals wait on the back burner more often than I’d like and one day, I’ll be out of time.Read More →

Heart Doodle

I almost tossed this one but decided to take on the challenge of making it into something I liked.  At first it was just blue pen on white paper. Pretty ‘meh’. So I played with colour, added more flourishes and finally a bit of shadowing. While it’s not a work of art I’m happy with it and that, my friends, is all I ask of this. Not everything has to be worthy of a frame. To play and have fun is reason enough to spend a little time each day with my sketchbook. Besides, I find doodling is like yoga. It stretches my creative muscles.    Read More →


Almost missed the first day of my commitment! It was 9 pm last night when I realized I still needed to do something. Anything! This painting in my sketchbook was the result and I have to admit the colours made me smile this morning. I even learned some things doing this. Making a commitment public has power. If I was the only one I’d committed to, I probably would have let this slide. At 9 pm I was comfortably ensconced in my favorite chair watching a movie. I can no longer use the excuse that “I’m a morning person” and therefore couldn’t possibly be creative after dinner. For me, beingRead More →

Happy Travellers Bag

It’s Monday morning and I’ve just committed to doing something fun and creative every day this week. Gulp. Over the weekend I realized selling our home had bumped creative time right out of my daily routine. So it’s time to get the sketchbook and pens out and at least do a few doodles to keep the muse happy. Not that long ago I did the journal painting above awhile back to remind me how important this is to me. If I can do something big like a painting, great. But the reality is I don’t have big windows of time. So I won’t let the amount of timeRead More →