On the Lake

Everything is white these days. Except the shadows. They are a deep blue. Even in sunshine it looks cold. The lake is frozen so deep the ice fishing huts huddle near the center of the lake, looking for open water. They tell me the fishing is good this year but the idea of sitting out […]

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Like a cat…

I’m like a cat. I can amuse myself for hours with a piece of string…as long as there are knitting needles attached to it. I spent these last two months creating and preparing a full day business presentation. It required full focus commitment.  Most days I put in 10+ hours of solid work, usually 7 […]

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Walking Barefoot

Not too long ago, I got very clear about how important it is to express my creativity. I use various forms of visual art and writing to explore ideas and dreams that would otherwise get buried by the busy-ness of daily life. Creative output is an expression of my spirituality because it allows me to […]

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