About Aprille

I grew up in a small town surrounded by fields, woods and lakes. I spent hours outside, exploring the world around me. Time spent outdoors encouraged my curiosity and independence. I learned to appreciate the interconnectedness of everything and my place in that network. The animals and birds were as much my neighbours as the people in my village.

Then, when I entered the adult world, my profession required long commutes and time in an office. When I look back, I wish I’d chosen something that kept me outside but I made a good living so I can’t really complain. Still, I missed time in the outdoors. I was never happier than on a weekend at the cottage or a camping trip.

I soon learned that sketching and drawing helped me capture my memories in a different way. Those moments went deeper, like a photograph in my brain, easy to recall when I was back at the office. I soon found myself sketching flowers in my garden, small animals I’d see on my daily walks and the landscape around me.

When I decided to take my art to another level, I enrolled in painting classes and workshops. I tried oils and acrylics, but watercolour gave me portability and environmental safety. As well, I’m attracted to light and watercolours are perfect for capturing light and shadow. 

I felt like a perpetual student until my instructor Karen Richardson, asked me to be her painting buddy. I pinched myself. Here was a painter I respected and admired who saw me as an equal. From that point on I took my painting more seriously.

In 2016, when we retired to Nova Scotia, I found myself surrounded once again by natural beauty and the time to experience it as I had as a child. Today, I paint to share this landscape and my wild neighbours with others.

Our modern society suffers from “Nature Deficit Disorder” which is a fancy way of saying we don’t spend enough time in the natural world, especially our kids. It shows up as anxiety, increased stress and trouble focusing, just to name a few symptoms.

This is why I choose nature as my subject. I feel art, creating it and owning it, is one way to remind us to reconnect with the wild, beautiful world outside our doors.

Exterior of my studio
Welcome to the Studio

Other things I do when I’m not making art:

  • I love to garden. I especially love flower gardens
  • I enjoy knitting and sewing
  • I like to write and this blog itself is one of my creative outlets
  • I love discovering the beauty of Nova Scotia
  • I’m also president of The Artists Circle of Annapolis Valley

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