Aprille and Loki, Life on Purpose Living on purpose doesn’t just happen.

Every person has those moments. You know the ones I mean. Those moments that change your life.

One day I read a quote by Picasso, and it went like this, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

Powerful, right? This struck a chord with me.

My creative journey

Throughout my life, I have been involved with many pursuits: as a consultant for more than twenty years helping to design computer systems, a corporate trainer, a writer, author, podcast host and a coach working with creative entrepreneurs.

I have achieved a lot in my life, but I still have things to do. Things left undone.

The first memory I have of feeling art call to me happened when I was seven years old. I remember passing an art studio as I headed down the street toward music lessons. It was Saturday morning, and through the large windows I saw the art students inside the studio.

This incredible longing to be in there with them moved through me. I wanted nothing more than to walk through that studio door instead of down the street to my lesson. Though I didn’t join those students that day, I never forgot that moment.

Writing? Well that just felt natural. I think writing is part of my DNA because my dad was a writer and told wonderful stories.  But the writing and painting always took a backseat to other priorities, like being a ‘responsible adult.”

However, when I read that quote by Picasso, it hit me like a sucker punch to the gut. What was I waiting for?

Nurturing creativity in my clients brings me joy

I have always thought of myself as a communicator. I have a passion for connecting people and sharing what I know.  It shows up in my art and writing. It is part of what I do, and every time I think about what I want to add in my life, I measure it against that. Does it serve to help me communicate or is it a distraction?

Today I help others with those things they’ve left undone. I help them achieve fully-realized lives. If someone says to me, “I don’t think I’m very creative” my response is always, “We are all born creative. We just express it differently.”

Embracing creative passionLife on Purpose

I always joke I don’t enjoy cooking. When I make something, it’s not with pleasure, only hunger.

My husband, on the other hand, is passionate about cooking. When he is in the kitchen, he uses his creativity to concoct delicious masterpieces. His passion for making a meal is infectious. I get the good fortune of eating his meals and seeing him at his happiest doing something he enjoys.

When we embrace our creative passions we have a huge impact on ourselves, the people we love and the world around us. When you are passionately creative about anything you make connections that others don’t see and we all benefit.

The future is filled with endless possibilities

A couple of years ago I took a gigantic leap of faith and chose an adventure. We moved from our home  of almost 20 years and made the trek across eastern Canada to Nova Scotia where I now live overlooking the beautiful Bay of Fundy. This was also part of my journey and something left undone. Until now.

Today, I have the most beautiful backdrop in the world to explore, and my art is a direct reflection of living in this beautiful, creative and inspiring area of Canada. Even better, I get to share this place with people from all over the world who visit our bed and breakfast.

I am so grateful I listened to my heart when I read that quote.

I’ve come to believe there’s no difference between creativity and life. In fact, living life on purpose is an art and deserves our full attention. And when we reach the end of life with no regrets we’ve created our masterpiece.

Share the journey with me!

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