About Aprille

Here’s me…

For many years, we lived just outside Toronto and I worked in the city. One spring afternoon, I took a walk on my lunch break. At a busy intersection, I stepped off the curb to cross when the light changed.

At that moment, a driver ran his red light. He passed so close, I could have reached out and touched the vehicle before it struck a nearby light pole. Debris flew all around me. My legs barely held me up until I got back to the sidewalk and collapsed, hardly believing I hadn’t been struck. To say I was grateful to be alive would be putting it mildly.

When I could think straight again, I asked myself, “Why am I waiting to pursue my dreams?”

I had always wanted to paint so I took classes and workshops. I kept working in order to pay for my habit but the goal was to lead a more creative life.

Finding my happy place

A few years after my near miss, my husband and I took a gigantic leap of faith and moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia and the beautiful Bay of Fundy. After settling in, he created a studio for me next to our home.

Exterior of my studio
Welcome to the Studio

Most days now, you’ll find me in my studio playing and creating. The awesome power of the Bay of Fundy is right outside my windows but it’s really the small things that inspire me. My art reflects my love of the natural world, especially those things we all tend to just walk by, hardly noticing. Like a bee at work in a flower or the beauty of wet pebbles as the tide recedes.

I am inspired by nature.

Art is also a way for me to lose track of time and go deep inside. I leave the daily worries and anxieties behind and fall into flow.

My “experiments” don’t always work out and that’s okay, too because I always learn something from the process. The pieces that do succeed find their way into my galleries.

My wish is that my art will find an echo in your own love of the natural world. Which is my way of saying please visit my online gallery and get a piece to hang on your wall so I can make more!

Other things I do when I’m not making art:

  • I love to garden. I especially love flower gardens.
  • I enjoy knitting, creating art quilts and regular quilts.
  • I love discovering the beauty of Nova Scotia.
  • I enjoy talking about creativity with my podcast co-host, Jessica Outram.
  • I love a good story – books or movies.
  • I like to travel, especially when it involves time with my family.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Welcome to my world!