I have a vivid memory from when I was a child. One Saturday morning, as I passed a local artist’s studio, I looked in the large window and saw students painting at their easels.

An incredible longing to be in there washed over me. I wanted to be in there, standing at one of those easel but because extras were a luxury in my family, I never mentioned it to my parents. But that moment left its echo.

Living on purpose doesn’t just happen

Throughout my life, I’ve achieved a lot, but that longing to create was always there. It just kept getting put on the back burner until I could “find the time”.

On a spring afternoon after a long Toronto winter, I was out enjoying a walk after lunch. At the intersection, I waited for the walk sign and then stepped off the curb to cross. At that moment, a car ran the red light. It passed so close, I could have reached out and touched the vehicle before it struck a nearby light pole. Debris flew all around me.

My legs barely held me up until I got back to the sidewalk and collapsed, hardly believing I hadn’t been struck. To say I was grateful to be alive was putting it mildly.

It was then I asked myself, “What was I waiting for?”

Embracing creative passion

I read books (like The Artist’s Way – which reduced me to tears because it felt like she was speaking to me. I took classes and workshops.

I kept working in order to pay for my habit but the goal was always to live a creative life and claim my dream of being an artist.

Finding my place

Then finally, my husband and I took a gigantic leap of faith and moved from Ontario where we had lived over 40 years to Nova Scotia and the beautiful Bay of Fundy. After settling in, my husband created a studio for me next to our home. It’s the place I’ve been looking for all my life.

Most days now, you’ll find me in the studio working with paint and fibre, my preferred mediums. The awesome power of the Bay of Fundy is right outside my windows but it’s really the small things that inspire me. I want my art to reflect this love of the natural world, especially those things we all tend to just walk by, hardly noticing. Like a bee at work in a flower or the beauty of wet pebbles as the tide recedes.

My wish is for my art to create a longing in you as well, that will echo in the choices you make in your own life.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this far. If you’d like to see my art click here to visit my gallery.