Art in the Time of Covid

The Covid lockdown (again) has left me ‘dithering’ for the last few weeks. I spend my time playing with fabrics and (mostly) ignoring the painting side of my studio. I’m constantly waiting for something – anything – to happen. Not being able to make future plans is disorienting.

It feels like a kind of ‘floating”. Anyone else? I know I’m not alone. How are you coping with this strange interval in our lives?

I have plans for the summer and my art. However, this constant uncertainty makes it difficult to move forward. There is light, as they say, but I’d love to firm up some dates.

The little gallery on the shore below me is supposed to open up again. They’re shooting for July 1. Fingers tightly crossed as I will be displaying some paintings there. It’s only open for the summer season and usually quite busy.

I am also one of the resident artists at a new gallery west of me, located in Cornwallis on the old Navy base. The building is the former church and it’s enormous. Work is going on now but again, the opening date is contingent on Covid guidelines being relaxed. It will be open year round so that’s exciting.

So, I have plans but no real plans. It’s weird.

I’ve got quite an inventory of paintings ready to go and can’t wait to have some walls to hang them on so they can be seen,

In the meantime, I’m doing some smaller pieces to keep in practice and eyeing the set of oil paints I bought earlier this year. I feel the rich, buttery pigments calling. The idea of blending and soft edges and big canvases is very appealing. Change in the time of Covid perhaps?

In the meantime, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to these last few weeks.

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