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“Ransom Note” Poetry

'Ransom Note' Poetry 6

I didn’t actually begin this art journal page with a poem in mind. It was one of those lovely serendipitous things that seems to form on its own. I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic:Creative Living Beyond Fear in which she talks about ideas looking for someone to give them physical form. That’s how this creative […]

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Castles In The Air

This month I decided it was high time to develop a more consistent creativity habit. I started out with the ambitious idea to create an art journal and work in it every day. Then I realised making it TOO big is always a recipe for failure for me. So I scaled down my vision for now. I wanted […]

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Like a cat…

I’m like a cat. I can amuse myself for hours with a piece of string…as long as there are knitting needles attached to it. I spent these last two months creating and preparing a full day business presentation. It required full focus commitment.  Most days I put in 10+ hours of solid work, usually 7 […]

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