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How to Find Time for Creativity

Creative Time happens when the timing is right

A few years back I’d often say, “I’d give anything to do that but …”.

Then one day I actually heard the words I kept repeating. I finally clued into the fact that I was eroding own my confidence in my ability to do whatever ‘it’ was. To be perfectly blunt, I was lying to myself. Because if I wasn’t doing ‘it’ then I wasn’t really willing to give anything.

After some thought I rearranged the words and asked myself this question instead, “What would I need to give to do that? Am I ready to make that trade?”

When I understood the answer to the “trade” question was honestly “No, not right now”, things changed.

That simple shift provided gave me the freedom to choose. At that moment in time, ‘it’ wasn’t a priority yet, only a desire, I didn’t need to feel guilty. When the timing was right, I’d do it. At that point, it was enough to dabble (to keep my muse happy.)

When the answer changed to “Yes, I’m willing to do what it takes”, then committing to my favorite creative activities became a priority. And if there’s one thing I know to be true, we humans will always find time for those things we see as priorities.

Creative Time happens when it’s a priority

Another change in my self-talk was to stop saying “I don’t have time”. If you’re telling yourself this, understand that your subconscious believes what you tell it so of course you don’t have time!

Say this instead: “It’s not a priority for me right now.” Then ask yourself, “How does that feel? Is it true?”

It might not be a challenge to say that dusting the house isn’t a priority but what about “I’m not going to make cookies for your school class because it’s not a priority for me”?

If that makes you uncomfortable, that’s the whole idea. Restating the request reminds you that time is a choice and we give attention to those things that are important to us and the people we care about.

“I’m not going to do anything about my creative passion this week because it isn’t a priority for me.”

How did that feel?

Here’s an easy one. Evaluate the time cost/benefit of postponing repetitive chores.

Here’s what I mean. If you don’t do the dishes right now, then after the next meal you’ll have twice as many to take care of.

However, if you don’t vacuum and dust tomorrow there won’t be more floors and surfaces to clean. Skip it for one day and you spend no more time the next. Use that time today for something more creative.

Give something up.

This is the ‘trade’ I talked about earlier. Turn off the TV or your social media accounts for 30 minutes. Turn off your phone. Stop surfing the internet and calling it ‘research’. Get up a half hour earlier. There are lots of ways to find an extra 30 minutes in a day that you can put into your creative priorities. And those small windows add up fast in results and personal satisfaction.

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