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From Nova Scotia with Love

Today is Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge but it’s also a busy one here in the Studio. This seems like a good day for sharing a few photos of this inspired spot we now call home. 

We moved to Nova Scotia last September, following intuition and not much more. Before we came to look for a home, I’d never even been here. But one thing led to another and surprisingly I ended up in an area filled with family history! Turns out this was an inspired decision but that’s another story for another post.

The natural world surrounding me in this place, from the ocean tides to the eagles overhead, make creativity almost a no-brainer. I get out every day for at least one walk (although it’s usually more) and I quickly learned to always carry my Iphone. I just never know what I’ll spot that will spark an idea for a painting or a blog post.

Let’s start at the lighthouse, one of my favorite spots to walk and just a couple of minutes walk from my home. There’s a bench on the deck you see in the photos below and I look forward to warm weather. It’s an incredibly peaceful spot, even when the waves are high and the boulders are banging together below the cliff. My plan is start my day by writing and sketching in my journal.

Lighthouse on a sunny afternoon

Margaretsville lighthouse on an autumn afternoon

lighthouse at sunset

Lighthouse at sunset

inspired by the clouds and light

Inspired by the clouds and light

waves below

Waves below the lighthouse

The shoreline along here is rocky but that’s okay. I love rocks. The first few weeks I came home with pocketfuls but now I’m more choosy. Probably because I’d soon run out of room if I wasn’t! But I do love rocks. The colours and amazing patterns that Mother Nature creates never cease to inspire me.

The cliffs

The Cliffs at high tide

Along the beach

Along the beach

Inspired colours

Inspired Colour Schemes

Crystal Center

Crystalline Center

Mother Nature seems to be a pretty inspired artist herself. No matter what season it is, the vignettes and still lifes she creates are incredibly beautiful.

Tree on cliff edge

Living on the edge

Still life

Inspired still life

lichen on stump

Mother Nature’s abstract art

snow on branch


I’ve got so many photos that it was difficult to choose what to show you but I do hope they inspired you to see the world around you as a source of creative inspiration. Get out of your studio and take a walk with new eyes.

When you feel the need for fresh inspiration?

Share in the comments where you go or what you do to refresh your creative spark. Where’s your special spot?

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