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Like a cat…

Sleepy kittenI’m like a cat. I can amuse myself for hours with a piece of string…as long as there are knitting needles attached to it.

I spent these last two months creating and preparing a full day business presentation. It required full focus commitment.  Most days I put in 10+ hours of solid work, usually 7 days a week –  juggling to-do lists and activities, contacting people and creating the presentation itself.

What got me through was another commitment I made to myself. To turn it all off by 7 pm and knit. 

Socks, yarn and needlesI love the simplicity and complexity of knitting. It blows my mind how simple sticks, strings and two basic stitches can possess such infinite possibilities. Lace, cables, intarsia, fair isle and more. Not to mention that a piece of string can manipulated into 3 dimensional objects to cover anything from a newborn’s tiny foot to a bus.

So when I knit it feels like I’m doing something that borders on the miraculous. Not a bad way to unwind. (No pun intended.)

In my mind I do two kinds of knitting. One is meditative, where my hands instinctively know what to do. This frees my mind to wander and play. During these last few weeks I worked on socks.  It’s a pattern I know so well I could do it in my sleep. Like slipping into a comfy pair of jammies, it was familiar and comforting.

Not to put too fine a point on it, knitting kept me sane these last few weeks. I also like to think it allowed me to bring my very best to the presentation because I managed my energy in the lead up. Even when it was a crazy, busy day I knew I would sit down in the evening with needles and yarn. Like meditating, it created a quiet oasis in my day and my thoughts.

Now this event is behind me. (Yes, it was a great success. Thank you for asking.) I’m looking forward to more challenging knitting. Perhaps a lace scarf. Or a cabled pillow.AND  I’ve got time to throw in some other creative adventures now.

To start, I’m meeting my painting buddy this week. Can’t wait. My watercolours have been whining about neglect…

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