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Shift: Stop 'trying' and start creating

I bet you're here because you have an interest in living a more creative life.  You dream of expressing yourself through art but haven't taken the plunge? It's probably safe to say you've been trying but life keeps getting in the way.

After all, you wouldn't be hanging out in this neighbourhood if you were interested in something else like, say, sports.

Am I right? 

I also know that something about the title of this page attracted your attention and drew you in. You may be wondering if it's really possible to reconcile creative passion and the demands of a busy life.

I know, because I was there once, too, with my nose pressed up against the glass of my dreams, looking in. I wasted a lot of precious time waiting before I finally got around to what my heart was yearning for - creative expression. 

So I get it. And I have a solution because I've been there...done that. 

I’m Aprille Janes, an artist, published author and creativity coach. Today I live the creative life of my dreams, painting and writing in a studio overlooking the Bay of Fundy. I also use my training and experience to guide other artists and writers on a personal journey designed to (as Jung put it) “find your way back to the deepest springs of life” and take action on your creative dreams."

I do this by helping you rediscover the creativity you knew as a kid but tucked away to become ‘a responsible adult’.

I help you find your way to live a more creative life in Synchronize: Blend Your Creative Soul with Your Life.  Right now. Not after the kids grow up or you retire but right smack dab in the middle of now. 

We focus on you, the creator as an individual, including your inner dialog and how you like to work. By identifying and understanding your ‘style’, you can develop a highly personalized and productive creative practice that fits you and the demands on your time.

That means stoking your creative fire in the life you lead life today AND for the future.

Each week we get together on a video call that includes great content, inspiring discussions, a dash of coaching and the opportunity to discover you're not alone. 

You'll discover your Personal Style during this program and how to use that knowledge to create your own unique creative practice. A practice that is in alignment with who you are and how you like to do things. No more trying to fit into someone else's idea of 'what works'. No more trial and error. No more wondering what you're doing 'wrong'. 

What you can expect:

  • Understand your personal style and build on your strengths rather squeezing into a 1-size-fits-all solution
  • How curiosity is your secret weapon against fear and creative blocks
  • How to deflate the Inner Critic that tries to hold you back
  • Develop a highly personal creative practice that fits into the life you lead today
  • Find support for your journey – valuable tools, resources and community
  • Guidance from a working artist/writer who is also a trained, experienced coach
  • A weekly group call and valuable resources between calls
Registration opens in January 2019

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Build a personalized creative practice

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Get ready for your future.

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