Why You Need to Stop Hiding Your Creativity

Bring your creativity out of hiding

For way too long, creativity took second place to my ‘real’ life. Like most of you reading this, there was a family to raise, relationships to nurture and a living to make.

A year ago I was devouring  Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly” and decided to embrace her concept of “Wholeheartedness” as a way to live. I had no idea at the time it would lead me to a completely new life by the ocean in Nova Scotia. 

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3 Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Dream BIG

We’ve all got dreams and ideas that we want to make happen. Especially us creative types. (That’s you, right?)

However, I also know making our dreams into reality can be a struggle. These days we’re pulled in a lot of different directions, especially by our own brains which won’t stop generating ideas long enough for us to do something about them!

Short bursts of concentrated action have become my ‘secret weapon’ for getting stuff done. Continue reading “3 Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Dreams”