The Square Foot Show in Autumn

Mark Your Calendar!

The Square Foot Show in Autumn features one-of-a-kind original 12″x 12″ paintings around the theme of Autumn, created by 52 artists from across North America and I’m excited to be one of them!

Each piece is the same price ($300 CAD/ Approx $220 USD) and will be available at SHOP.SQUAREFOOTSHOW.COM when the show begins at precisely 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern on Thursday, October 6.

How it Works

SquareFootShow hosts virtual art shows which are fun, fast-paced, and showcase the incredible talent of emerging + established artists alike.

The show goes live at exactly 8 pm EST, and it is often true that many artists will sell out within the first few minutes of opening. But, don’t let that discourage you!

The sale lasts until 8 pm on the third day and there are always plenty of original pieces to choose from. Each piece (from every artist!) is $300 CAD (approx $245 USD) + shipping & handling. It couldn’t be easier to support the arts and bring a bit of creativity and joy into your home!

During each show, there is also a giveaway of a painting, usually from that show’s headline artist. In this show, there are FOUR featured artists: Andrea England, Brian Miller, Holly Dyrland and Lori Meeboer. That means you have FOUR chances to win a piece of original art. The winners are selected from subscribers to the Square Foot Show email list.

What’s more, email list subscribers also get a preview of the pieces 48 hours prior to showtime.

Below are my four entries to the show and there will be approximately 250 more paintings to choose from.

Don’t miss out!

Leaf on the Rocks
Black Eyed Susans
Autumn Landscape
Autumn Maple Leaves

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