What do you want?

While I want a break every now and then (who doesn’t?) once I disrupt the momentum of my routine it feels hard to shift back into gear.

Too much to do and not enough time

Since our return from 3 weeks of visiting family and friends, I have struggled to find time to paint. Everything else seemed more important. While studio time felt like a priority, somehow I never got to it.

Over the weekend I read this quote from Julia Cameron:

[bctt tweet=”What we really want to do is what we are really meant to do. #quote @JCameronLive” username=”AprilleJanes”]

That got me to thinking. There are some powerful questions inherent in it.

  • What is this ‘want’ telling me?
  • If I mean what I say, what am I MEANT to do?
  • And what am I prepared to do about it?

I already knew the answers

i want birches

Today, studio time easily became the first order of my day. I had a fun, productive morning and the result are to the left.

I haven’t done much in acrylics in the past few years so I’m surprisingly pleased with this.

Here’s what I think happened:

Wanting to do something makes it feel optional, something for when the ‘real’ work is complete. Perhaps that reflects a childhood lesson. “Don’t be selfish. You don’t always get what you want. ”

Seeing my desire to be creative as something I am meant to do, the inner dialog changed to “I have a responsibility to do this.” Not in a heavy way, though but more like “Wow! This is my life’s purpose. What’s more important than that?”

What does your ‘want’ tell you?

Have you chosen it as a priority? What helped you do that? And if not a priority yet, what would help?

Share in the comments. I’d love to hear more.


9 Replies to “What do you want?”

  1. Love this- my want tells me i am here to color, heal, empower and inspire and i am so excited i have found a way to do this. I now realise that some things have tto be released and that to create I must let go , thanks xxoo

  2. My want forces me to ask myself some tough questions:
    * Will it help to achieve my goals?”
    * Is my want a means of impressing others?
    * Will my want make me feel at peace ?

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