Challenge your challenges. You may learn something new.

creative lessons from the blog challenge

You know how sometimes a challenge shows up and you have no idea why it came to you but you know you need to tackle it?

Happened to me a couple of weeks ago. 

Apparently sometime in the past year I got on a list for a 30-day blogging challenge. I vaguely remember thinking I should do one but we were moving at the time. However, this time I don’t have any excuse except it feels like a big commitment.

So here I am on Day One of Paul Taubman’s Ultimate Blogging Challenge. (That’s a link there in case you want to take on the challenge as well.)

I hope it’s only a coincidence that it starts on April Fool’s Day but getting started I felt I faced two big challenges if I wanted to succeed at this.

If not now, when? The Time Challenge

Time felt like a hurdle because I’ve got a busy month lined up. Family visits and a one week contract to provide communications training. However, as a creativity coach, I know waiting for ‘enough time’ is a myth. We’re all busy in this life and there’s seldom really any free time.

I also know we MAKE time for stuff that’s important to us. Expanding the reach of my blog is one of my goals for this year. Growing my readership puts me in touch with other creative folks. This blog is one avenue I use to inspire your creative journey by sharing my own.

I’m making the challenge my focus for the month. That doesn’t mean the rest of my life will be hold. Rather, when I have pockets of time, I’ll write and scheduling future posts for those days when I know time will become more of a challenge.

I also ordered a BlueTooth keyboard for my Ipad so I can write when I’m not at my computer but have a pocket of time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 15 minutes and those pockets add up.

The Topic Challenge

The other thing making me gulp a little is coming up with content every day for 30 days! Until I stepped back and realised I have at least 30 ideas in my bullet journal already. In addition I did some research and came up with another list of almost 60 ways to spark creativity.

I’ll draw on these lists over the coming month.

The Blog Challenge folks also email a topic suggestion each day. When it sparks something I’ll change up the subject to add variety and spice. So looking at the ideas and support I already have in hand I can see the Topic Challenge is also a myth.

Creative Lessons Learned

Challenging my own challenges reminded me of some important truths about the creative process.

The ‘problem’ of Time and Topic come up on a regular basis whenever I talk to creatives about doing The Work. We tell ourselves there’s not enough time or we don’t know what we want to do (and romanticize by saying we’re ‘blocked’)

If we want to honour our creative call we must challenge these myths. The way we start is by making a decision to do what it takes. We show our commitment by creating accountability outside of ourselves. That accountability gets us moving and taking action.

That’s why I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge AND why I’m letting you know. If I believe you’re looking for my posts, I better show up. (Kind of like a running buddy waiting at the end of my driveway.)

Your “Challenge”

I’m asking for some blog love during this 30-Day Challenge through comments and feedback. I’d also love it if you would share some of the posts out there on social media. I’ve made sharing easy as possible for you. Just click any of the icons to the left of the posts (or at the bottom if you’re on your smart device).

For my part I’ll try to keep the posts fairly short most days. I value your creative time and I want us both in the studio or wherever you find your creative happy place.

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