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Eastern Passage Process

Eastern Passage is one of our favourite places to visit in Nova Scotia, particularly the area known as Fisherman’s Cove which is a quaint restored 200-year old fishing village.

In the winter, the cheery colours of the small shops are definitely eye candy which is why we often drop in for a visit even at this time of year. In the summer, it’s even more fun because the shops are open and we spend time wandering in and out. There’s even an old-fashioned candy shop and lots of local art and crafts.

One of our restaurant choices, BoonDocks is located right at the start of the board walk. After a delicious meal, we go next door to the visitor’s centre to pick up a bit more about the history of Eastern Passage. Finally, to work off that meal, we walk along the paths through the salt marsh.

If you’re in the area, I recommend a visit to Eastern Passage. It’s only about 20 minutes from Halifax.

I took the reference photo below on a cold day in January and decided that painting the scene would give me an excuse for lots of colour in the middle of winter. As usual, I gridded the photo in order to blow it up to a size I wanted to paint.

Because this was such an ‘architectural’ piece, I relied on my ruler ( a lot) to keep the roof lines and walls straight while I drew out the sketch. It’s also the reason I ended up sketching directly onto my watercolour paper rather than doing a separate sketch to transfer.

I ended up doing two versions of the painting as I played with sky colours. Both paintings are currently available in my gallery.

I’d love to hear from you which sky you like best. Leave me a note in the comments and let me know.

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