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Village Life: Signs of Springtime on the Bay

Subtle signs of springtime seem everywhere here in our village which got me thinking about new growth and possibilities.

Spring here on the Bay of Fundy is apparently marked by the return of people as well as the usual signs from nature. spring waterfall

While we saw our first robin a couple of weeks back, the village itself is springing to life. Along the shore, families spend an hour or two beach-combing or enjoying an impromptu campfire built from driftwood. That means more traffic on the road running by our home and cars parked down below.

The icy prison around the waterfall melted away and we’ve hiked there a couple of times just this week. When the wind is right, we hear it from our deck.

Down the road, I spotted workers turning the services back on at our neighbour’s home, which has been empty since Christmas. Even a few of the cottages are showing signs of life as their owners drop by to check for winter damage, anxious for summer to begin.

Stepping outside first thing in the morning I’m struck by how salt air in springtime feels and smells fresher somehow. Every morning this week I’ve stopped at my gate to take a deep breath, enjoying this new experience. It reminds me I’m in a completely different place in my life.

Then just this morning on our walk, we spotted crocuses in full bloom. Spring crocuses

It’s early days but life is stirring

For me, winter meant hibernation and corresponded to the first part of my creative cycle – Incubation. While it looked like not much was happening, it lay hidden in the dark fertile places, out of sight.  I’m creating even when it looks like staring into space, day dreaming or taking a walk.

I remind myself of this a lot because there’s no point rushing things that won’t be rushed. Planting too early doesn’t make springtime arrive any sooner. Neither will digging up the seeds to check on progress. All I can do is watch for the visible signs of life and be ready.

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These days I feel like I’m moving into the Illumination part of the creative cycle, my creative springtime. The ideas, dreams and images are ready to burst out where I can see what’s growing. Already each day brings a new surprise, like an idea for a book I’d love to write; the opportunity to show my paintings at a local gallery.

Springtime is fertile time

Springtime DevelopmentI look forward to this first springtime in our new home. What plants will we find in our garden? How will the orchards down in the valley look in full flower? What birds make their home here and what surprises might we may see on the Bay? (I’m hoping to spot a whale.)

This is the spring of my first full year dedicated living a more creative life. The green shoots of the seeds I’ve been planting and nurturing are starting to show themselves.

I believe it will be a season filled with possibility and everyday miracles.

What does spring look like in your area? Is it your creative season? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Finally, a Little Spring Humour
spring by the Bay?

This past weekend I was beachcombing and spotted this. I took the picture thinking I might do something with the interesting shadows. It wasn’t until I wrote this post that I realised I had the ultimate punny picture. So, with apologies to those who hate puns…

It’s a perfect example of not knowing what we’ve got until later when we have time to consider. I remember thinking as I took the picture “Why am I bothering with this rusty old thing?”

Now I know.

So in your own creative journeys, accept what’s offered without trying to figure it out. That will come later. You just never know what may pop up.



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