Surrender to Your Creative Side

In this interview with host Candace Gish on Interviewing the Divas, I talk about the roadblocks that kept coming up in my business consulting practice. Over and over until I finally had to surrender. When I did, a phone call came that changed everything and brought balance back to my life.

That call gave me back the time I needed to follow my passion for creative expression. It’s been calling to me all my life but I resisted until just recently. I became what Julia Cameron calls a ‘shadow artist”. I was good at helping others realise their dreams but my own? Not so much.

Creativity Takes CourageYou can tell if you’re a shadow artist if you long to be doing something more but you lurk on the edges. You may even feel like you’re being creative but it’s not quite there. This looks like the editor who wants to be a writer or the photographer who teaches people how to use Photoshop.

And staying in the shadows isn’t about art, either. Ask yourself if there’s something that you’re afraid of committing to? Because I discovered it was the thing I was most afraid of that ultimately gave me the freedom to express myself, both in my art and in my life. It also enhanced my career as a business consultant because I know what it means to skirt the edges without diving in. Today I bring my creative spirit and point of view to everything I”m doing, including business.

When I committed to doing something creative every day for 30 days, it took the stopper out of the bottle.
And that opened up every area of my life.  Powerful stuff!

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