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The Happy Traveler

I’ve been quiet on the site mostly because I’ve been busy launching my first 30 Day  Passion Project. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working in the studio.

In fact, I’ve been itching to share this piece with you. It’s the first piece I did after my cataract surgery and it was just so much fun. I experimented with new materials and  learned a few new tricks with my old favourites.

More importantly, my Happy Traveler portrays the new journey I find myself on. Here’s what she brought with her. 

Happy Travellers BagThat little purple creature at her side is an otter. Her presence on the page didn’t surprise me because I’ve suspected for awhile that I could use more fun and playfulness in my life.  There’s just something about otters. Their “joie de vivre” always make me smile.

If you lift the flap on the bag she carries, her message is repeated there. “Stay Playful”. Inside the pouch itself she carries a secret message “Remember to have fun”.

And the map? It’s shows one of my favourite places to play when I was a kid – Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island.

The Traveler’s other companion is a dragonfly – symbol of transformation. This coming year is promising to hold big changes for me so no surprise there either. Among the other symbols you’ll find a lot of spirals. They signify how I believe we live our lives. Not in a linear fashion but rather I circle back to the lessons I need until I finally accept the gift.

Hearts are a reminder to have compassion for myself and for others while the stars are about remembering to look up to see the miracles all around me. Plus they add twinkle – which I don’t think any of us get enough of!

As for the colours, purple is a spiritual colour and represents my inner journey while teal is about the voice and expression. Finally, pink reminds me that it’s okay to embrace my girl-y side after years in a male-dominated profession.

So there you have her. My Happy Traveler. I painted her as part of my LifeBook 2016 with Tamara LaPorte.

What’s in your travelling bag? What symbols and colours are important to you?

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