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3 Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

We’ve all got dreams and ideas that we want to make happen. Especially us creative types. (That’s you, right?)

However, I also know making our dreams into reality can be a struggle. These days we’re pulled in a lot of different directions, especially by our own brains which won’t stop generating ideas long enough for us to do something about them!

Short bursts of concentrated action have become my ‘secret weapon’ for getting stuff done. Rather than waiting for big blocks of time to open up (which almost never happens)  I look for 15-30 minute windows in my day. Sometimes it’s while I drink my coffee after breakfast or before I turn off the light. Those short time snips are a whole lot easier to find than big blocks of dedicated time. (Although admittedly, some days more than others.)

Make this work for you by being honest with yourself about what kind of time windows are available to you. They may be shorter or longer.

But what to do with those snippets of time? You have to be prepared to use them. Here’s how.


Choose an idea, dream or goal to pay attention to over the next 3o days.

Funny, but this is often the one people seem to have the most trouble with.

Afraid of making the wrong choice? Let me put your mind at ease. There is NO wrong choice except choosing not to choose. The truth is, once you choose, the rest is pretty easy.

Make no mistake. Avoiding a decision is still a choice. More importantly, not choosing is the only choice everyone regrets.

I think of my choice as an experiment. I try it on for size, take a couple of actions and review the results. It’s the nature of an experiment to find new information. If it’s not working out, it’s okay to change course. After all, it was only an experiment, not a life commitment!

Dreams require action to make them real. 

I ask myself what are the next 5 things that need to happen? Then I try to break them down to fit my 15-30 minute time frame.

Choose your dreamsEach time I take action I’m one step closer to making my dreams a reality. It also means I’m not stuck dithering while I wonder what to do next. And when my list gets down to 1, I list the next 5 actions until I’m done.

If I’m working on a painting that first action might be to work on a sketch. Then I’ll prep my paper. Next I’ll transfer my sketch. Do some colour experiments. When the weekend comes and I have more time, I’m ready to start painting.

Nothing is more motivating than accomplishing something.

Make the actions to achieve your dream important

I actually schedule my list of actions in my Bullet Journal because creative time is just as important to me as my clients and blog.

If you have trouble showing up for meetings with yourself , I suggest you put your action list into your schedule or planner in ink. Consider this a sacred appointment with your future.

Always letting other people’s priorities trump yours?

When I first starting putting these activities into my calendar I labelled them “Meeting”. If someone wanted that slot of time I answered truthfully, “Sorry, I have a meeting at that time. What other time works for you?” They always had an alternate time.

2 thoughts on “3 Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Dreams”

  1. It seems you are very good with planning and I have no doubt you get done what you have decided.
    I have real hate towards any lists and I don’t ever make any. I think it is because when I was working at high schools, everything had to be listed and pointed out and that was most often just pro-forma and it never reflected the reality. Life brings in its corrections in any plans. I am freelancer now and that means I cannot plan a whole lot ahead. I don’t know what jobs will arrive during the day or week. It can be so that I receive a 100 page job with 4 day deadline, and that will mean to put off everything else during these 4 days because I will have hardly any time to eat.
    The only things I plan are classes, but I never write down these plans. I simply need time to think about them.
    When it comes to painting I also need to simply think about it: what there is, what there should be. I do painting only when I really feel like doing it. I leave it alone when I am in pain, depressed or in a bad mood which happens quite often with my conditions and the use of very heavy antibiotics.
    Just like you I agree that accomplished is the best motivation for more achievements.
    I am a workaholic, I always have been, but that saves me from boredom which I have never experienced.
    I admire how you are making a very good use of small moments which you are leaving for your personal intentions.
    I believe that being able to say an honest “no”is a good feature.

    1. I understand completely what you’re saying, Inese as I work for myself as well and must be flexible in my time. I don’t use my lists as a rigid “To Do” but rather as a reference so when I find my window of time I don’t waste it trying to remember what I meant to do next. My list of the next 5 activities gives me the freedom to act. Kind of like Hemingway. He always finished his writing in the middle of a sentence so he knew where to start the next day. Less time priming the pump.

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