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Two More Days of Creative Commitment

I didn’t share my creative exercise yesterday because I was playing with a couple of ideas and I wanted to see how they came out.

And really, isn’t play the point?

May 12 BumbleBeeLast week I posted the watercolor background above on Facebook and asked my friends what they thought it wanted to be. They shared some great ideas, including a bumblebee with a pink butt – which I tried but couldn’t do it justice. (Sorry, Joanne.)

So I went back to faces. My friend Heather suggested the profile (Face #2) and to challenge myself I also did Face #1 without letting the colours dictate placement.

While I was happy with both sketches, I did a finished piece today from Face #2 on the original background but it didn’t have the same energy as the sketch. So I’m showing the sketch and consider the ‘real piece’ a lesson learned.

Does that happen to you? You do a sketch you’re happy with and then it loses something when you do the ‘real’ piece? Like the energy goes out of it or, because it’s ‘for real’ this time, you get all tight?

Happens to me all the time and I should have known better. Next time I just go for it! I’d rather waste paper than inspiration.

Anyhow, here are the two faces (AND the bumblebee.) It was fun to try different ways to use the same background. Will definitely be repeating this process.

May 13 Face
Face #2
May 12 Face
Face #1

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