Art Matters

“I like to think an artist offers understanding by sharing certain details, by bringing things into focus, by stopping time for revelation. That detail may be subtle or intricate, but by focusing our attention on what they saw, the artist provides us with an opportunity to stop, to look again, to gain insight and maybe rethink our understanding.”

Anna Horsnell, Looking Deeply, The Grapevine, June 2022
Dew Drops – Aprille Janes

When I read this in a recent issue of The Grapevine I felt a resounding “YES”. That’s why I paint – to create that opportunity to look again.

Sometimes we need someone else’s words to help us hear our own thoughts, like this article did for me. In the same way, when we connect with the work of an artist, we learn about what is important to us personally. 

Art matters. 

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