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By the Bay

Back to my sketching today. I intended to do one of a scene I shared this morning on Instagram but this was the view when I sat down in my studio to sketch.

I mean, how could I not?

I pencilled in a rough outline first because I often start too big and don’t capture what I want. Pencil first helped with that.

Then I picked out the important bits with my trusty Pigma Micron (love those pens). The watercolours are from my Winsor & Newton travel set, mostly using cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and raw sienna.

I like the blue into the cliffs for shadows because I’m focusing on deeper colour. When I looked back over my first sketches I wasn’t satisfied with the colour. Too washed out. I find myself drawn to other people’s sketches with pops of colour. So obviously it’s something that speaks to me. Time to stop playing safe.

Right now the outside world is still pretty gray and brown and it has a definite influence on my palette. I may have to really let loose and make it up as I go!

2 thoughts on “By the Bay”

  1. I was looking for articles about Cobalt boats to be honest but couldn’t stop reading your posts. It’s like reading a book! You have a real talent! Would you mind if I add your site or some articles to my web directory? It would be a pleasure for me. Thank you!

    1. Hi. Thanks for the kind words. Not sure what my site has to offer your readers but go ahead and add me. All the best

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