Creative Expression needs your heart

How to be an original

Let me bust a myth for you today.

Creative expression isn’t about creating a masterpiece and garnering accolades. It’s about exposing our hearts and letting people see inside. That’s why Matisse got it right when he said “Creativity takes Courage”.

Sadly, too many of us have listened to others telling us we should do this or we should listen to that expert. We worry about trusting our own hearts and hold back. That’s a shame because that’s where we find our unique voice and authenticity.

Most of us find it easier to learn How rather than dig into the Why. That’s because How is less threatening and easier to explain to someone else. We can go to a teacher to help us master a skill but the only one who can explore and understand our hearts is us.

And to explain our Why? Yikes! That’s putting the core of who we are out there for public display.

Safer to stick with the How. Or is it?

Finding our Why empowers our creative expression and makes the work we produce memorable. It’s how we create impact and connection. When we buy into “should” we simply become carbon copies of someone else, losing touch with our self.

The world is poorer for it.

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