by the water

A Perfect Start

When I pulled up my bedroom blinds this morning I looked out on sunshine and the bright blue water of the Bay of Fundy, perfectly accented by a white fishing boat sailing past. Just off to the right, the lighthouse.

A perfect start to my day.  How did I get so lucky?

As I asked myself that question it struck me that it wasn’t luck at all.  We chose to follow the ‘bread crumb trail’ laid down by The Universe, God, Great Mystery  or whichever name you choose for that something that feels bigger than you. We trusted our intuition and then chose this place. This placeThis home. This village.

We took action. That was the key. Not luck.

We could have talked and dreamed and researched and created vision boards out the wazoo but if we hadn’t done something about our hopes I wouldn’t have been here to see this perfect start to a day.

Something to think about.

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