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Water: The Magic Element

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”  Loren Eisley

Before our move to Nova Scotia, our home backed onto a quiet lake in Ontario. Living by the water was something I’d dreamed of as a kid and we enjoyed that lake for almost 20 years. I especially loved watching the weather move across the water and the sunsets on the far shore.

Peace of the ocean

However, since moving here to the Bay of Fundy, I honestly feel I’ve traded up.

Anytime of the day I can step out my door and the ocean lies just around the corner, always different, always fascinating. Walking the dog is always an adventure. In the fall an eagle pair hunt along our shoreline. Yesterday, a pair of seals bobbed just offshore, watching us watching them. Fishing boats come and go, while the weather has its way with everything.

by the waterI’m so grateful to be living this close to powerful tides and the sound of waves and wind. The smell of salt and seaweed keeps me aware of the invisible.  Beach-combing for interesting rocks, fishing floats and driftwood has become my new form of meditation.

And honestly, how many people have a lighthouse almost in their backyard?

Water and Creativity

Studies show we are hard-wired to react positively to water. We become calmer and more creative (which is a definite plus for this artist). Being near water gives our brains a rest from all that stimulation around us. And who doesn’t need that these days?

Apparently this preference for water is even responsible for those Aha moments many of us experience in the shower.

For me, there is definitely magic in the water here. There’s just no other way to explain why my life is more peaceful and my art more heart-centered living here on the shore.

Where do you go to feed your creative heart?

11 thoughts on “Water: The Magic Element”

  1. I enjoyed every second of reading this Aprille! You remind me of my friend Suzie who lives by the ocean in Australia. She finds so much joy in her walk and meditation by the ocean.

    I love how simply yet meaningfully you describe your home and the joy you encounter daily. A true artist I see in you and I am happy to getting to know you! BTW, is your house white? just curious…lol I can’t wait to read more. I subscribed 😉

    1. Good to hear from you here, Nathalie. And thank you for the kind words. I’m enjoying getting to know you as well. I sense a kindred spirit. 🙂
      And my house is off-white. It was the original general store in the village, built in 1882. It’s an amazing creative space as well!

  2. I’ve lived near the ocean nearly all my life and I still love it, but my heart is in the lush greenery of the mountains which is why earlier this year, after living most of my life in Hawaii, I moved to Oregon. My new home is tucked into the corner of a huge national forest. There’s still plenty of water nearby, just in the form of lakes, streams, and waterfalls and I’ve never been happier or felt more at home. 🙂

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Marquita. I used to spend part of each summer in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and loved that geography as well. I’ve visited Oregon and it’s definitely an inspiring place! Aren’t we the lucky ones?

  3. Aprille, maybe we are soul sisters 🙂 We moved away from the city 13 plus years ago and everyday – well almost I walk on the beach swim in the sea. the sea and the beach are and have been my healing place, my place of inspiration and as i write this i feel a new series of water inspired paintings being birthed , thank you for sharing your magic xxx

    1. Hi Suzie! I think we may be kindred spirits although, alas, I can’t swim in my ocean. Even if it were warm enough the tides would carry me away. 🙂 but oh the walks! The water has such power to heal, soothe and inspire I can’t imagine ever leaving here.
      I’d love to see those paintings, BTW.

  4. Until the last few years, I’ve always lived near water. I’m not a big fan of being on the water, but I love being near it. Now, that I live in the SouthWest, I’ve come to respect how precious water is. When it gets to be too much, I play a YouTube music selection that has ocean sounds and puts me right to sleep. You’re lucky. You’ve got the real thing.

    1. I didn’t realize how rare water can be until we spent a few days in Arizona. Made me appreciate our landscape even more. Thanks for stopping by, Joyce.

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