6 Artists to Ignite and Inspire Your Creative Courage

You may be wondering why I invited you here today. I’ve decided to host a little gathering so I can introduce you to some of my fave artists. These are folk I turn to for guidance and inspiration. (At least their websites, although I do know some of them personally.)

Ready for your own dose of inspiration?

First, let me introduce you to Tamara LaPortewillowingorgbutton2

Not only is Tam one wildly creative woman but she’s also a very savvy business woman. You’ll usually find her hanging out at

Full disclosure here. I love her stuff so much that I became an affiliate but the love definitely came first. 

Her LifeBook 2016 program is an art journaling class with a side of life coaching.  And even though it started in January, it’s not too late to join. I can’t believe the incredible amount of information and access to talented teachers she provides.

However, all that aside, spend time with her simply because of the art. It’s whimsical and bursting with gorgeous colour. As if that’s not enough, Tam exudes such upbeat optimism you can’t help but feel better after visiting.

She will definitely ignite and inspire your own artistic journey.

Have you met Victoria Lynn Hall yet?

Victoria hangs out with mermaids and fairies at Somehow I connected with her on Twitter and I’ll admit I ‘stalked’ her over to Facebook because I liked what I was seeing. (Who says social media doesn’t work?)
Victoria Hall

I think what attracted me to her was her sassy attitude (“Glitter pens are magic wands“) coupled with a down to earth focus (“You don’t have to be an artist or even a craft store person to believe in art“). Besides prints, her designs are offered on clothing and other practical items, which is often an avenue we artists overlook.

Which makes Victoria another smart business woman to learn from if you’re interested in building a creative business online.  I suggest checking out what’s she’s up to.

For ‘bonus points” don’t miss her other blog . As she explains, her home is equal parts cabin, cottage and bungalow and her posts here are just as creative and inspiring. She uses her home like another canvas for her creativity.

Definitely an out-of-the-box thinker.

Prefer pens over palettes?

Enter Sue Reynolds and James DeWartypewriter_the-end

I’d be the first to agree not all creative expression involves paint. If you’re someone who likes to wield pen (or keyboard) then it’s worth a visit to the Write Portal.

It’s a magical gateway to all the services Sue and James offer other writers, including creative writing, publishing and Hot-Sauced Words. (You have to visit them to find out what that means).

There’s a lot going on at The Portal so if words are your medium, spend some time getting to know them better.

Speaking of words:

Have you heard about Joanne Sharpe?

I went looking for a lettering class last fall and the first link the Google Machine spit out was to Joanne and her blog Whimspirations.

JOanne SharpeAnd no wonder. Joanne is a master at imaginative lettering.  I enrolled in her online course and was so inspired that I signed up for her year long class.

Her colour choices are bright and appealing but what particularly attracted me to her work is how she makes words an integral part of the art.  For years I thought adding words was limited to talented calligraphers and mastering that art form didn’t interest me.

Joanne, however, makes lettering easy and accessible. It’s about your own handwriting with some extra flourishes and flounces. Lots of fun, especially if you love doodling like I do.

And, like many of us creative types, one art form wasn’t enough for her. She’s also an accomplished quilter.

And finally, for some fine art inspiration, let me introduce Karen Richardson


Karen is an inspired watercolour artist, an amazing teacher and a good friend. I walked into her home studio about 15 years ago and bought a painting on the spot. Since then I’ve taken classes with her because she has the rare talent of making the complex simple.

Her workshops are small and intimate so each student gets the attention they need to achieve success. I also know many of you reading this can’t make it to her studio in Ontario so isn’t it lucky she has an award-winning book, “The Watercolour ToolBox” you can order from her website?

When you visit her site, check out the gallery as well. What she does with watercolour will take your breath away.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed meeting the guests at this impromptu gathering. I also hope they made you curious about what you could also do with your art. 

If you’d like to join the party that’s always going on, click here. You’ll even receive a party favour!


2 thoughts on “6 Artists to Ignite and Inspire Your Creative Courage”

  1. Great post Aprille. You meet the most interesting people in your creative journey!
    Thanks for mentioning my art and book as well. I’m delighted to call you a friend and mentor.
    Hugs, Karen

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