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Nova Scotia Adventure

The countdown has officially begun. Adventure calls.

This is it. Our Nova Scotia adventure feels ‘really real’ as we prepare to move across the country, away from everything that’s familiar to us.

Somehow I’ve been going along, thinking that our move to Nova Scotia would just be a ‘blip’ in our lives. It seems I was operating under the mistaken assumption that when we finished unpacking at the other end I would simply pick up and carry on as before.

I even created my business plan for the next quarter and started to put a few events on my calendar. I should have listened more closely to the rumblings.

I’d forgotten how external change impacts the inner life.

Last month, there were a lot of visits, capped off with a final run to Ohio to see our son and his family. After that, we started the final sorting and packing of a home that we have lived in for almost 20 years.

Change changes everything, inside and out.

Our goal is to look at everything before it goes with us.

The critical question is “Is it worth it to us to move it halfway across Canada?”

Why are we hanging on to it? For sentimental reasons, a sense of duty or even guilt? (You know what I mean. Those ‘just-in-case-we-might-need-it’ items.)

I’m embarrassed to admit how much stuff didn’t make the cut. Some of it we’ve been able to sell or donate but there have also been quite a few trips to the dump. (I’m thinking of instituting an annual “Toss the House” day where we pull everything out in the open and make some choices.)

Meanwhile, the same process is going in inside my head and heart.

Things that no longer feel useful are falling away. There’s room for new possibilities as old habits and ideas don’t make the cut. (I could swear I’m losing weight.)

I met a friend for lunch last week and found myself saying “I’m becoming more fully myself. All the old stuff is going.”

The truth of those words surprised me even as I said them.

On the plus side, we’ve discovered buried treasures.

As we packed we found a lot of things we’d forgotten about.

Items bought and put away for ‘later’ and then life got busy. Family photos that brought a smile. A sweater I’d knit almost 3 years ago but never got around to blocking. Even art supplies that never got out of the bag (Can’t imagine how that happened!)

Searching for Inner TreasureAnd of course, my inner journey reflected this.

Over the years, too much of my creative self  got put away ‘for later’. In my 20’s I’d had a successful art studio until the economy crashed and burned. One day, I had to lock the doors and make a ‘real living’.

The creative pursuits became secondary. They were relegated to “when I had time” – which as most of you know, rarely seems to happen.

This move has changed my perspective about what’s important. I don’t want to regret what I didn’t do. The creative me has come bubbling to the surface. In fact, I’m not even waiting to get to Nova Scotia. The urge for creative adventure is too strong.

Then there are the things that are real and true.

If you’ve been on this planet for any length of time, I know there are some things that will always mean ‘home’ to you. Same here.

While, they may only have value to us but we couldn’t leave them behind for anything. Adventure is fun but sometimes you need touchstones to reground yourself.

Familiar chairs. Comfort clothes. Christmas decorations collected over the years. Family pieces handed down from past generations.

In my soul, there are also touchstones.

My connections to family and friends are probably the most important. I’m grateful for the internet and how today, a long distance move like ours doesn’t mean losing touch.

But I also love my coaching practice and supporting others on their own journeys. While it may shift its focus a bit (from pure business to motivation, mindset and productivity) it will always be where I find purpose and meaning. I love the people I interact with and helping them make their dreams become real. I couldn’t imagine not bringing that into this new future.

This adventure thing is sometimes scary but mostly…exciting.

So I’m curious. Have you experienced this outer journey/inner impact thing yourself? I’ve love to hear YOUR story.

7 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Adventure”

  1. YES YES and YES and this journey you are on totally resonates with me!

    My journey began when Dad went in for Cancer surgery on July 30, 2014 and our lives were changed forever. I can totally relate to your downsizing bittersweet experience and feeling lighter getting rid of things and in as much as the process was the hardest one Ive ever experienced, the end result was/is amazing.

    I’ve been asked to share my journey many times and will one day when things slow down but for now I am enjoying the MOST important people in my life and the experiences that bring me joy and have never been happier!

    I wish for you the same although have ever confidence that you — like a caterpillar that is transforming into the most beautiful butterfly — are already on the best journey of your life.

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