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Playing with Catalyst Tools

I had a picture I’d started but wasn’t happy with or even inspired to try and save it. It gave me an opportunity to play with some new tools I’d purchased – Catalyst tools from Princeton Brush Company.

Catalyst Tools are silicone blades and wedges that are a lot of fun to work with. They’re more responsive than metal palette knives and easy to hold. You can use any edge of them as well rather than just one side.

The blades I purchased let me enjoy moving paint around just to see what would happen. I could lift paint, make marks or add more paint and pull it around the canvas. It put me mind of finger painting and was just as satisfying.

I thought I was painting an ocean scene when I started but suddenly I felt like simply pulling the paint across the canvas and ended up with this abstract background. I may add more to it but for now it will sit on the drying rack while I ponder what it may (or may not) need next.

One thing I really appreciated about the tools was the ease of clean up. A few wipe downs and they were ready for another painting or to be put away.

Catalyst Blades

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